2016 Winners


Best Oil/Acrylic

No370 Title Upon a Blue Base Artist Greg Smith

A really skillfully crafted painting showing the artist’s ability to create the beauty in the subjects he shows. His confidant disappearing edges as the objects come from the shadows allows us to see the light shaping the objects – not lines. The intense exploration of blues is balanced with the subtle introduction of some red/browns to give relief. A powerful work from a serious artist.

Highly Commended no 83 Little Pot by Joan Denner

Joan has emphasised what she wants us to see by enhancing colour, contrast and line but mostly light. By diminishing sections of the painting her subject simply shines.

Best Watercolour ..

No259 Title Swan and Cygnets Artist Jan Long

Jan’s drawing skill comes through this watercolour as she decides to draw with her brush and colour. A lovely subject treated to a novel, negative space frame that doesn’t detract from the focus of swan and cygnets.

Highly Commended Lunch Hour at Scott Alley - by Jayaram Parappil

The city laneway is captured with the linear perspective drawing us in to join the diners along this alley. The harmony of colour doesn’t shout noise that a multi coloured painting would do so we feel happy entering the space.

Best Pastel

No 407 Title Unadorned Beauty Artist Rosemary Todman Parrant

Rosemary’s pastels set a very high benchmark for this medium. Her close attention to building her colours slowly showing tonal change and subtlety until the final strokes of light flit across her subject make her work instantly recognisable.

Highly Commended Ottway Magic by Joy Timms


a difficult but very full section

No 160 Title Angel Artist Karina Griffiths

Superb execution and high drawing skill. I would love to see her focus on a subject and explore it with differing focus.

Highly Commended no 369 Misty Morning by Diane Simpson

A study of variation within repetition in this line of fishermen on the wharf.

This section attracted a variety of artworks based on line including a pastel of Santorini of prizewinning standard by Brian Pleasants

And a limited reproduction called Hakaido Branches by Sharon Patience

Best Junior Art

4-6 No 476 Title Pet Portrait 3 Artist Yarrabah School

Personality abounds in this Pink, Red and Blue spotted dog on a green backdrop.

• It makes me smile inside.

7-9 No 396 Title Raev Skraev Artist Hayley Thompson

One of two colourful design paintings that are a joy to view. I love both works.

10 - 12 No248 Title Quinces Artist Emma Kozac

Emma is showing a mature handling of shape and light. Well done.