Terms & Conditions

1. All exhibits must be the original work of the Exhibitor and available for sale.
2. A fee of $15.00 will be payable for each exhibit entered. A $5.00 entry fee applies for Junior Art categories. Each entry may win a single prize only.
3. Miniature Pairs will be accepted as one entry and sold as a pair. Please indicate the catalogue price for the Pair only – not singly.
4. Paintings and drawings, etc, must be framed and provided with picture wire and D-rings firmly attached, approximately a third from the top on either side. Unframed stretched canvas’s (or ‘Gallery Wraps”) are acceptable if the sides of the canvas are painted. All entries must be able to be hung.
The length of any side of an exhibit must not exceed 1.2m, including framing.
5. Each exhibit must bear the artist name, title of exhibit and sale price on the back.
6. The organising committee will arrange for, and the exhibitor will permit, a publication to the public of a catalogue containing all entries accepted, and the names and prices nominated by the Exhibitors, but the committee does not accept any responsibility for any other defect in the production of that catalogue.
7. All sales will be subject to a 25% commission to be applied to the fund raising activities of the Rotary Club of Chelsea Inc.
8. Exhibits will be displayed at the organiser’s discretion. A maximum of 6 entries, per artist will be accepted. In the event that the number of entries exceeds the space available, entries will be selected for hanging by the judge.
9. The organiser will take all reasonable care, but no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Insurance of art is the responsibility of Artist.
10. Exhibitors shall be responsible for cartage of exhibits and method and cost of return if unsold.
11. The organising committee reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to the exhibitor, to amend, alter or vary any of the conditions of entry or otherwise to act as it sees fit for the proper and orderly conduct of The Rotary Club of Chelsea Art Show.
12. Catalogue entries for judging will only be accepted at The Chelsea Hall (Station Street, Chelsea) between the hours of 3pm and 6.00pm, Thursday 8th June 2023.
13. Collection of unsold exhibits to be collected Monday 12th June 2023, 3.00 - 5.00pm..
A late pick up fee of $20 will apply for any painting uncollected on the day and unclaimed paintings left over 30 days will be donated.
14. If the exhibitor organises an agent to collect unsold exhibits, the authority should be in writing to the Rotary Club of Chelsea Art Show, be signed by the Exhibitor and be accompanied by the specimen signature of the agent.
15. The enclosed entry form duly completed must be returned to:
Chelsea Art Show, P.O. Box 103, Chelsea 3196
no later than 5pm Friday 21st April 2023..
16. Public viewing of the Chelsea Art Show will be on the dates and times listed on the Conditions, and elsewhere on this website.
17. No refund on entry fees will be given for exhibits not presented, nor will replacements be accepted.
18. The stated price of exhibits as shown on entry forms will be binding.
19. The Rotary Club of Chelsea Art Show reserves the right to photograph and reproduce entries for publicity purposes. This does NOT include the making or selling of copies of submitted artwork.



Updated 4/2/2021